Drop a second NFT collection

Drop a new collection to your early adopters is a smart move to take your NFT project to the next level

Mint a NFT at a special price is good. But mint a NFT at a special price and receive for free a second NFT is better. When it happens the joy is great and community members can’t contain it. Especially when it comes to NFTs that are rarer than others.

The new NFT, in addition to enriching user’s collection, can be used to trig future engagement logics that see it as a protagonist together with the old NFT (e.g. hold the new and the old NFT in your wallet and you are eligible to receive a giveaway). Anyway, nothing prohibits that it can be sold on the secondary market to get a quick and instant gain.

The NFT world is full of creativity and the same applies to a second collection drop. There are those who create a collection of male characters and drop their female counterparts, those who create a collection of angels and then drop demons, or those who come up with an epidemic to drop mutants!

But the story you tell your audience doesn’t matter, what matters is the opportunity to engage community members, reach new users and grow the project value. The second drop is more likely to be requested from users and have an high price if your first drop has been successful.

Ready to drop a second NFT collection?

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