Host a giveaway contest

Giveaway contests can help you grow and engage your community by releasing awesome incentives to the members for free

In its simplest definition, giveaways are contests you host to give away some awesome incentives to your audience. Giveaways are performed through airdrops which is when creators send NFT or cryptocurrency rewards to users’ wallets for free.

Everyone loves free NFT or money. And it’s not surprising that if you receive an airdrop, you pay attention. That is why it is such an effective way of promoting a new NFT project and a great tactic for community building. It gives people a reason to check out the project and allow brands to continue to provide additional value and utility to their customers, foster new relationships, strengthen current ones, and highlight their products in an easy and less expensive way compared to traditional marketing methods.

Creators can announce giveaways on community chats, like Discord or Telegram, and members usually have short time to register, with limited spots available to receive their gift. Giveaways create an incentivized channel for a wider audience to come by asking community members to perform awareness-driven actions such as follow social pages, like posts, tag friends in the comments section.

One of the most popular contest, for example, involves people to vote NFTs released to community members during the collection drop. It is a great time to sponsor you project in front of new users and engage community members to flex rare NFTs.

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